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Welcome To Majickallife.Com

Majickal Life Grid is a metaverse in a 3D interactive virtual world created by Users. You can chat, make friends from all over the world as well as (should you choose) create objects and scenes limited only by your imagination. You can fly in this world! Upon free membership sign up you will arrive in this new world in an Avatar form. From there you will be able to choose your own personal avatar and clothing as you would like to represent yourself. It is a safe and anonymous place where you are free to be any character you choose!

You can interact with other Avatars thru text and (optional) voice chat.

A few years ago I was pleased to be introduced to this alternate life in a Virtual World. Much of this time has been spent having fun and creating our own regions to share with you.

I have been the webmistress for a website called The Majickal Garden for many years and it has remained a special passion for me to cultivate. It is a mystical cyber garden for anyone traveling the path, who is interested in enhancing their spiritual growth. It seemed for me a natural extension to create a virtual fantasy realm for those of like minds to meet and share life on the path of light along with the numerous subjects and ideas that accompany it. It’s a play land for Faery's, Elves, and Pixie’s where some of the regions are themed as such with the optional suggestion for dressing in kind under the premise of Fantasy. For all those who want a gentler, non-commercial experience to live, meet, share and advance in.  All friendly folk welcome. : )

You will need to download the Firestorm Viewer to enter. Our viewer is a modified version of Firestorm to suit our own grid and the information can be found to enter should you choose to join. More information is  available to members within their private area. 

We are in the process of being able to offer the option for free land lots for houses for our active participating members. We also have future plans for regions for members to establish for groups that might be interested in role playing. You can contact us thru the website for more information if you think this is something that might appeal to you.

Visit this website often for articles to come for information to better your experience in the virtual world and find out what’s new in Majickal Life. As with anything new, there are things to learn; but beyond the basics nothing more than what you choose to do! Remember…it is all about a new adventure, creativity and most of all fun!

Majickal Life is a Virtual World in early evolvement. As we progress with future plans we invite you to join and share in its advancement with us.

Majickal Life Grid Status

Grid Status: Online
Total Regions: 15
Visitors (60 Days): 53
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